Three Weaknesses Exist In The Refrigeration Industry
- Sep 27, 2017 -

With the rapid development of each industry, the demand for refrigeration equipment is higher and higher. At present, there are three major deficiencies in the refrigeration industry. First, the introduction of foreign advanced technology cannot digest and absorb in time. In the industrial field, the refrigeration industry in China is relatively early. In the mid-1980s, China began to introduce foreign advanced technology and established some joint ventures. However, the technological progress of refrigeration industry in China is still far from being able to meet the needs of other industries, especially some cutting-edge technologies and products still cannot be developed independently. After the reform and opening to the outside world, a large number of imported products with the domestic market, and domestic product because there is no timely technical update and development, the original product's market share is gradually consumed by foreign products. Second, the overall quality of the refrigeration industry needs to be improved. As in other industries in China, there is a serious shortage of senior technicians in refrigeration industry. The old mechanic has retired most of the time, and the new mechanic can't make up for it. This kind of "green and yellow" phenomenon has seriously hindered the healthy development of China's refrigeration industry. Therefore, experts suggest that the enterprises should bring back the old skilled workers with unique skills and let them bring their apprentices through the "pass, help and belt" to alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in China. Third, the technical development fund is insufficient, the brain drain is serious, the domestic brand is unknown. It is well known that compressor is the most critical component of refrigeration equipment. But when it comes to compressors, the first thing that comes to mind is the American valley wheel, whose products are of a quality that has been deeply rooted in the market. And domestic production enterprises, to prove their products good, quality assured, always like to tell users: our products are the American valley wheel compressor. In the long term, the Chinese people already have such a concept, only adopt the refrigeration equipment of foreign compressor, the product quality is guaranteed. And domestic brands of compressor will have no "day of the day". The other product is the refrigeration valve. At present, the valve products in our country have been spread all over the national economy, but in the refrigeration industry domestic valves are difficult to establish a foothold. Most refrigerating equipment manufacturers almost say no producers of home-made refrigeration valves, but these companies don't know about the danfoss products. The reason for the above phenomenon is that China's investment in technology development is not enough, and the lack of funds, "digestion, absorption, innovation" is an empty talk. In addition, domestic enterprises mostly have short-term behavior, like to do quick things, and invest in high, five years or 10 years to receive the benefit of technology investment is often not positive. In this regard, domestic enterprises are quite different from foreign enterprises.