The Prevention And Treatment Of Condensation Phenomenon Of Refrigerator Display Cabinet
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Summer under the condition of high temperature, relative humidity, refrigerated display cabinet glass door there is a certain difference in temperature and environmental temperature, the water vapor in the air for dew condensation on the glass surface, which belongs to the normal phenomenon. How is condensation formed? Humidity is divided into absolute humidity and relative humidity. Absolute humidity refers to the quality of water vapor in the air per cubic meter. Relative humidity refers to the phenomenon of condensation on relatively low temperature objects when water vapor reaches saturation degree in the air. Condensate is a special phenomenon when humidity reaches a certain degree.
When the relative humidity in the air is larger, especially before and after the rainy day, cabinet put oneself in another's shell and glass door body appearance because of the low temperature, moisture vapor in the air will condense in the refrigerated display cabinet glass door appearance, when air relative humidity to surpass 80%, refrigerated display cabinet door appearance can show bead condensation, this is normal phenomenon. Some users thought it was refrigerated display cabinets appear quality problem, in fact, this is normal physical phenomena, so the use of glass door refrigerated display cabinet is likely to appear this kind of circumstance, such as convenience store drinks cabinets, horizontal ice cream cabinets, supermarket island ark, the bakery, cake display cabinet, etc. For with the function of automatic mist refrigerated display cabinets, will not appear this kind of circumstance, if the customer when buying refrigerated display cabinets, display effect is very demanding of refrigerated display cabinet, it will consider when buying increase mist function for refrigerated display cabinet, otherwise when use again want to increase this function is not easy.
Since condensate is a normal physical phenomenon, can it be avoided? Or how do you deal with the condensation? The prevention and countermeasures of condensation phenomenon are described below: the dew is caused by the air humidity and temperature difference, so it is important to take preventive treatment from these two aspects. On the one hand is to reduce the temperature difference, such as high temperature a little fine-tuning, twice the refrigerated display cabinet put in ventilated good location, air-conditioned shops can open air conditioning, so can reduce the temperature difference, have the effect of reducing condensation occurred. On the other hand is to reduce the air humidity, usually the air humidity in the south is relatively large, if indoor air conditioning, can drive the wet function.
For refrigerated display cabinet has occurred condensation phenomenon, can often occur with a soft cloth to clear glass door condensation phenomenon, of course, this method takes temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, want to reduce trouble, still need to add mist device.