The Food In The Freezer Should Be Careful To Heat Sterilization
- Sep 27, 2017 -

For cooked food that is not finished or sold, it is usually refrigerated with cold storage. The cold cabinet can prolong the storage time of food because the low temperature slows down the growth and propagation of microorganisms in the refrigerator, and can not kill microorganisms completely. So the food in the freezer will be contaminated with bacteria.
Freezers cold temperature, be in commonly 2 ℃ to 10 ℃. The food from the freezer, heating immediately, need a process of gradually warming, gradually heating equals to bacteria caused a good environment, people once ate heating incomplete leftovers unavoidably cause gastrointestinal discomfort or a more serious situation.
In order to avoid food hygiene problems, you should pay attention to the following points:
1. The raw and cooked food should be stored separately, packed in fresh containers or plastic wrap, avoiding cross-contamination.
2. After cooking, the food should be stored at room temperature. The longer it is stored at room temperature, the more likely it will become bad.
3. Remove the food from the freezer, heat the room after it is heated, and heat it thoroughly. The heating time should be more than 15 minutes.
4. The refrigerated room should not be kept for too long. The food that needs to be kept for a long time should be kept in the freezer.
5. Always clean the freezer and keep it clean.