The 27th Hotelex Show Shanghai Of Grandchill Refrigeration Company
- May 07, 2018 -

Grandchill Refrigeration Company limited had an exciting outing at the recently concluded Hotelex Shangai Expo 2018. 

The showcasing of our top of the line food cooling product line including our frozen yogurt ice cream blending machine, gelato display showcase, blast chiller freezer and countertop stand mixer, generated a lot of buzz among the fair attendees. 

There were a lot of follow-up and inquiries to buy, setup, and maintain this equipment from individuals and businesses in attendance. Some business representatives even explain that this line of products meets the requirements of the business perfectly.

Grandchill Refrigeration at The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition.jpg

The trade fair is designed to give experts in the food and hospitality in-depth and professional information about latest equipment, and surely this is what they got and more at the Grandchill Refrigeration pavilion. 

From the setup of the pavilion to the easy to use equipment, hands-on practical demonstration, and the interactive and happy to help staff, the experience left most attendees convinced that Grandchill’s products are best without a doubt.

Blended Frozen Yogurt by the Frozen Yogurnt Blender Machine.jpg


Our frozen yogurt ice cream blending machine turned out to attract a lot of inquiry and attention.This product is our favorite and a best seller. This simple to use one button operating masterpiece gives the user the convenience of blending hard scoop yogurt gelato, fresh nuts, nuts and a variety of other ingredients.The mix and match can be done to produce a variety of blends and flavors to the taste of your customer. 

The frozen yogurt ice cream blending machine promises to offer users the choice of sweet, savory, or healthy mixes. It even offers the best of all the taste worlds with the simple one-button automatic convenience.Grandchill has been providing trending and functional food chilling equipment for 28 years and another classic hit at the Hotelex Shanghai fair was our Gelato display showcase. 

Stand Mixers at The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition.jpg

The showcase provides practical usage and functional cooling to preserve its gelato content be it ice cream or frozen yogurt. The gelato display showcase comes in several colors and it can be customized to suit the choice of the customer. The care in the manufacture makes every unit of the gelato display showcase elegant, modern and functional.

As all equipment produced by Grandchill Refrigeration Company are highly functional and of top quality, the Blast chiller freezer and Countertop stand mixer are not left out. 

The Blast Chiller Freezer is a delight for local restaurants, seafood distributors, and ice cream chains. The volume capacity and the freezing temperature can be customized to meet requirements. Clients who want the best in blast chiller freezer know that Grandchill option keeps food fresh.

Grandchill Refrigeration at The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Fair.jpgGrandchill Refrigeration at The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Fair.jpg 

Fashion has no limits and so does out Counter top stand mixer. It is a 7 liters capacity countertop mixer with classic colors of pink and camouflage. Colors can be customized to meet requirements too. The mixers are not just trendy in design but meet your food  processing needs domestically or commercially. Grandchill Refrigeration Company limited takes the client needs and demands into focus always. We provide quality, trendy and easy to use products always.