Proper Use Of Refrigerator Display Cabinets Can Reduce The Power Consumption Of Refrigerator Display Cabinets
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Refrigerated display cabinet scientific and reasonable structure design, energy saving save electricity, cleaning better preservation, using imported brand compressor, low noise, high efficiency, cooling uniformity, temperature stability, refrigeration effect is outstanding, luxury and beauty, unique shape, transparent display. Suitable for display sales of all kinds of cooked meat products, fruits, dishes, dishes, dairy products, pastries, etc., which can be used in supermarkets, shopping malls, meat products and hotels, hotels, etc. If you're doing your own business, you're sure to focus on the consumption of refrigerated display cabinets and reduce the cost of electricity. In fact, the electricity consumption of the refrigerator display cabinet is not limited to the quality and workmanship of the display cabinet itself. Proper use and maintenance is also an important factor in the energy saving of the display cabinet.
Some refrigerated display cabinets can control the refrigeration of cold storage room and freezer, and can even control the temperature of different ranges. Open the refrigerator display cabinet door, there are many drawers inside, the seal is very good, can set different temperature for different food. The cooked food is set to -4 degrees Celsius, the meat is set at -7 degrees Celsius, the ice cream is set to -10 degrees Celsius, and the frozen food is set to -18 degrees Celsius. This kind of differential setting, raises the storage quality, also has the effect that saves electricity.
And refrigerated display cabinet combined ZhiLengShi and strengths, air cooled in ZhiLengShi in refrigerated display cabinet to join a fan, accelerate the air diffusion, in decreasing order cabinet temperature difference, avoid freezing frost, also save power. In addition, the people mentioned, the function of intelligent quick freezing can also save electricity more.
According to energy conservation experts, as long as you pay attention to the following few power saving tips, you can effectively reduce the actual consumption of refrigerator display cabinets.
1. Minimize the number and time of opening the refrigerator door. Because of the opening of a refrigerator display cabinet, the compressor needs to operate more than a few minutes to restore temperature.
2. Use plastic bags to wrap in the refrigerator display cabinet and wash the fruits, vegetables and other water with more moisture, so as to avoid the water evaporation and thickening frost layer.
3. It will rapidly increase the temperature of the refrigerated display cabinet, and put it in the refrigerated display cabinet after the hot food is cooled. Otherwise, increase the frost thickness of the evaporator's surface, causing the compressor to work longer and increase the power consumption.
4. Refrigerate display cabinets to store food in an appropriate or the appropriate amount, so as not to affect the air convection in a refrigerated or the refrigerated display cabinet, which can affect the effect of freshness and increase the working time of the compressor. The experiment showed that the more stored food, the larger the consumption of the refrigerator display cabinet, which was completely the opposite.
5. The refrigerating display cabinet should be placed at a low temperature and well-ventilated position, away from heat source. Prevent direct sunlight. When put in refrigerating display ark, the top left and right sides of its both sides and the back should have the proper space, good for heat dissipation.