Looking Forward To Your Arrival To The 2018 Shanghai Hotelex Fair
- Dec 27, 2017 -

On behalf of the management, organizers, and the entire team of Hotelex Shanghai 2018, we sincerely extend you a warm appreciation and would like to thank you for making it a date with us from the inception of the Hotelex Shanghai as we welcome you to Hotelex Shanghai 2018. We believe that this year Shanghai fair will definitely be enjoyable and comfortable for you all. We are always available to serve you better in our own way and promise that this year Hotelex Shanghai will definitely be an unforgettable experience as we look forward to having your optimum cooperation in Shanghai fair holding in the year 2018.

Annually, Hotelex Shanghai has been creating a great record of exhibitions with wonderful events to both visitors and the participants.

Just to give you a clue on how Hotelex Shanghai has been holding this wonderful event since a few years ago, there is a record of excellent achievements and heartbreaking excitements at the previous events, and this 2018 Hotelex Shanghai promises to be great.

During the Hotelex Shanghai2016, there was a great record in the exhibition scale and an unimaginable record of attendance. In total, there was a record of about 126,000 professional visitors coming from different geographical locations in the world to make the Hotelex Shanghai 2016 a success. From the record, there was a 30% increase in the number of professional visitors during the Hotelex Shanghai 2016 when compared to the Hotelex Shanghai 2015. The record of professional visitors and participants that greased the Hotelex Shanghai 2016 event came all the way from 116 countries and regions.

Some professional buyers distribute from the whole world were industry Association VIPs and Domestic and Overseas professional trade delegations. In fact, it was really a memorable event where professional bodies were gathered from all over the world including 2,500 industrial leading companies and brands.

Apart from the fact that the event was greased by leading industrial brands and people of great personalities, there were records of many notable distributors of hospitality and catering industry. There was a record of over 50 countries that converged onsite at the event, some of which are from USA, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan among others.

Hotelex Shanghai 2017 was also a mind-blowing event that involves the gathering of different professionals from all countries in the world.

Hotelex Shanghai 2017 held on March 28/31/2017 happened to be the 26th Shanghai international hospitality Equipment and supply event which has a record of highest achievement in the history of Hotelex Shanghai with excellent progress not only in the hospitality industry but also in the catering industry. The great annual event held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China. The event involved cake display and Grandchill Refrigeration making it an awesome event for all participants.

The 2017 Hotelex Shanghai happened to be the 26th largest and most effective trade show since inception. This annual event promises to provide a continuous one-stop purchase platform and an unforgettable experience for the professional visitors.

The 2018 Hotelex fair involves a series of leading hospital equipment experience, supplies, and fine food trade fairs in Shanghai, China which will come up at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China between 26th-29th of March 2018. The coming Hotelex Shanghai event in 2018 will gather all professional bodies and notable brands all over the world promise to be a great and a difficult-to-forget event happening across the globe.

This one has exciting packages and surprises than previous events you have had in the past from the Hotelex Shanghai fair.

Yes, the past few years events have really been widely known basically because of loaded experiences professional visitors had, but honestly, this coming Hotelex Shanghai 2018 is going to be a wow experience for all participants throughout the world as we expect to have a great record of attendants even beyond the previous events.

Just a tip of an iceberg, as part of our commitment in serving you better and providing you with a mind-blowing experience in our yearly Hotelex Shanghai events, this coming event promises to expose you to most of our innovative, informative and high-quality grandchill refrigeration products. We believe you wouldn’t want to miss this great event coming up soon.  Some of our grandchill refrigeration products that will be made available to all our professional visitors and participants are blast chiller, gelato display case, refrigerated cake display and lots more.

We hope you have an awesome experience with you during your presentation at Hotelex Shanghai 2018 and provide our excellent service skills with a high standard and superb experience for every professional visitor. We promise you that this Hotelex Shanghai 2018 coming up at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China between 26th-29th of March 2018 is going to be packaged with a whole lot of programs and comfort to make every participant enjoy every single day with us a Hotelx Shanghai event.

As part of our plans and preparation in making this coming event a success, we promise to focus on each of our promises by heart and listen carefully to each guest valuable suggestions and recommendation during this event. This coming Hotelex fair promises to offer you a smiling service, happy and active service beyond your previous experience in the past Hotelex fair.

We offer various selections of business services packaged for your interest. We invite you to please participate with us and make this event a heartbreaking success.

We look forward to making your experience and stay both comfortable and memorable by providing you personalized services aimed to exceed the quality of our facilities and plans. So should you require any further assistance on how to be a part of the Hotelex fair or have any specific requirement, please do not hesitate to shot us a mail or contact us on an extension as we await your presence?

With the best regard,

Hotelex Shanghai 2018.