Learning Gelato And Bakery Display Case From The Fantastic Training
- Mar 21, 2018 -

It was fantastic training conducted in our factory just this last week. Everyone who participated in the training got lots of information especially about Gelato history, Gelato ice cream display Freezer, Refrigerated Bakery Display Case, and its working principle.

Our professional technicians and sales managers in the company conducted the training. As said earlier, it is an unforgettable experience where about Grandchill Refrigeration sales teams were fully on the ground to learn from the professional experts.

The Training Of Refrigerated Bakery Case.jpg The Training of Cake Display Showcase.jpg

However, part of which was discussed in the training session conducted by the professionals and sales team in the company are the historical background of Gelato, the principles on how the refrigeration works, as well as, how the Gelato ice cream display freezer works.

Anyways, in this article, we shall take a look at Gelato ice cream and why it has recently gained lots of attention not only in Italy but also in many countries in the world.


Gelato is actually an Italian word which simply means “frozen.” Gelato is the general name given to an ice-cream-like frozen dessert made of milk, cream, sugar and other types of ingredients to add flavors. These flavors can be anything from chocolate to fruit. Recently, people prefer to add some less traditional flavors to the Gelato such as bubblegum and Tiramisu.

Although most people easily confuse Gelato to the American ice cream, however, it is not to be mistaken at all for its American counterpart. Matters like these were fully addressed at the training.

Historically, Gelato dated back to the 16th century where it’s believed that Bernardo Buontalenti first created Gelato. However, it wasn’t so popular until the Sicilian began to sell the Gelato publicly when a new café was opened in France.

Training of Cake Display Case.jpg The Training of Cake Display Showcase.jpg


So many things were addressed and learned during the training of the Refrigerated bakery display case which was concluded last week with an attendance of two thousand Machinery team.

The training created an ample opportunity for the two thousand machinery team who participated in the training of the gelato ice cream Display Freezer and refrigerated bakery display case to understand how the Italians came about Gelato and how it became popularly known.