At Present, China's Quick-freezing Equipment Industry Has Made A New Plan For Product Positioning
- Sep 27, 2017 -

As people life rhythm speeding up and the improvement of living standards, quick-frozen food for it can save some samples of the color, flavor and nutrients, easy storage and is increasingly attracting the attention of consumers, quick-frozen food of economic, convenient and safe for people demand more and bigger and bigger.
In recent years, the income of Chinese residents has risen rapidly, the pace of life has been accelerated, consumption habits have changed, and the demand for frozen food has grown rapidly. With the increase of technology input, product variety and quality improvement, the development of high - and mid-range products has been developing rapidly, and a new or the new market has been continuously expanding, and consumer brand awareness has been enhanced. China frozen food has experienced rapid development and price war, and has developed into one of the most competitive areas in the food industry.
Per capita consumption, the domestic or a domestic market still has huge development space. The per capita annual consumption of frozen food in the United States is over 60 kg. Europe consumes nearly 30 kilograms per person per year; Per capita consumption in Japan is also close to 20 kilograms, while China's per capita annual consumption of frozen food is only 9 kilograms, well below the consumption level of developed countries.
The market demand determines the development trend of the refrigeration equipment industry, and the optimistic development prospect of the frozen food industry brings development opportunities for the development of the frozen island cabinet equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, the quick-freezing equipment as the hardware guarantee in the production and processing of frozen food has become one of the important factors to determine the development trajectory of the frozen food industry.
It is understood that there are many types of quick-freezing equipment, and there are four kinds of freezing methods: air circulation, contact, spray and immersion. The structure can be divided into tunnel type, screw type, fluidization and plate type. At present, the domestic production of quick-freeze equipment manufacturers are numerous, the equipment performance, the price is not the same. Has the production of quick-frozen equipment has 3 kinds big 12 varieties, such as screw, fluidization type, tunnel mesh belt type and channel steel belt freezer, tablet, blowing plate and stainless steel belt type contact freezer and immersion freezing device. These devices basically meet the needs and are constantly improving.
Currently, there are three categories of quick-frozen equipment products in the domestic market: the first category is imported products from foreign countries: such as rifrigoscandia and Canadian AEROFREEZER, mainly focusing on high-end products; The second category is domestic products that are in the leading position in both quality and technology: such as nantong square, yantai ice wheel, dalian iceberg, etc. The third category is the production of quick-freeze equipment produced by other small and medium-sized enterprises in China, which belongs to low-end products.
In recent years, in the low-end product series, there are many market entrants, fierce market competition and uneven product quality. Some small quick-freeze equipment companies cut costs through the selection of ingredients and then cut prices to grab market share. This kind of behavior often leads to the equipment quality and the performance cannot be guaranteed. Second, the fact that homogenization is serious also let our country quick-freeze equipment lose the "say in the international market". Thus, we can see that, at present China's frozen equipment industry to the following the development of frozen food market, must want to make a new plan on product positioning, with high-end equipment to meet the demand of market development.