The sealing requirement and method of refrigeration system
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Refrigerating display cabinet refrigeration system requirements
Confirm that the refrigerant of refrigerating display cabinet has a moderate coolant and the compressor stops and the pressure gauge shows positive pressure, which can seal the refrigeration system. If the pressure gauge shows negative pressure, the first sealing is not strict, so that the refrigeration system enters air, causing the vacuum degree of the system to fall.

The sealing method of refrigeration system of refrigerator display cabinet
When the compressor is down and the pressure gauge shows positive pressure in the refrigerating display case:

Step 1, select the pressure gauge, repair valve assembly of the side of the 4cm side of the side of the sealing site;
Step 2, adjust the adjusting nut of the sealing pliers, making the tongs the same as the outer diameter of the process pipe, and then screw the locking nut.
Step 3, with a neutral flame of flame heating to FengMen parts to dark red, not only make the softened and is conducive to the seal, the sealing parts and make the copper tube wall heat sealing parts connection, improve the sealing tightness;
In step 4, place the roasting red position with the sealing pliers and press the clamp handle to lock the pincers to death.
In step 5, clamp the sealing position of 5cm with the clippers and remove the pressure gauge and repair valve components.
Step 6: welding nozzle with gas and silver electrode;
Step 7. After the solder is cooled, remove the sealing pliers.
Step 8: apply welding to the clamping site and fill the clamping area with solder to enhance sealing and strength; Step 9: use soapy water to seal the clamping place and the clamping nozzle for sealing inspection; Step 10: bend the copper tube into a semicircle and prevent it from colliding with the other pipes to prevent the handling of the refrigerator from colliding into the process tube.

1. When sealing, the sealing pliers should be cut off or not easy to remove the sealing pliers if the clamps of the sealing pliers are too small. Jaw will appear the sealing is lax, cause refrigerant leakage phenomenon for the first time. If the seal is lax, should immediately remove the sealing pliers, in the original pincer-like device for gas about 1 cm to 3 right side sealing. If there is still a leak, a few double ShuWei whole sealing pliers jaw size.
2. When welding process tube mouth, please put a piece of iron plate at the bottom of the process pipe to avoid the cabinet or other parts of the display cabinet.
3. Use the R600a refrigerated display cabinet to ensure that the seal is not leaking before it can be welded to avoid danger.