The main contents and precautions of cleaning and sanitation of cake display cabinet
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Always wash cake display ark screen, usually 2-3 weeks should be cleaned once. The specific cleaning method is as follows: remove the panel; Take out the air filter
Clean the cake display cabinet air filter. Washing, air filter under running water tap it because the filter is a plastic or the plastic box and polyester yarn suppression and become, therefore, not with more than 40 ℃ hot water cleaning, to prevent shrinkage deformation. After cleaning, it is not allowed to be roasted by fire. It can be used to dry or dry the filtered water, insert the panel, and install the cake display cabinet.
Protect cake display cabinet condenser and evaporator heat sink. Condenser and evaporator of the heat sink are made of 0.12 mm aluminum sheet set into the brass tube expanding, after giving collision, if the damaged heat sinks, can affect cake showcase the heat transfer effect of lower the efficiency of refrigeration (hot). Protect the cake display cabinet refrigeration system. If the parts or connections of the refrigerating system are damaged, the refrigerant will leak and the display cabinet will not be refrigerated.
Use fuse correctly. According to the cake display cabinet manual indicated the rated current to select the fuse specification, too large to insure the effect, too small to break frequently.
The cupcake display cabinet shall be controlled and operated for more than 5 minutes.
Avoid cake display cabinets running in high temperatures for a long time. When the temperature is always above 30 ℃, cake cabinets is in high load and overload operation for a long time, so it is easy to malfunction, will at least reduce the working life.
Some cake showcase evaporator for aluminum alloy, it can't contact with acidic or alkaline disinfectant, if once on the surface, should be cleaned immediately, so as not to react with aluminum acid, alkali solution, make the evaporator due to corrosion and damage.
It should be prohibited to disinfect with noxious, corrosive or toxic disinfectant agents. It contains a toxic substance called cresol; The cleaning powder disinfects little, and easily causes the cake display ark scratches; The bleaching powder has a certain corrosive effect on the metal, and in low temperature, the ability to dissipate is weak, which can not reach the disinfection effect and should be banned.
No water tap or basin water wash, spray cake display cabinet. Because excessive humidity can cause metal accessories to rust, and reduce the insulation performance of electrical parts, also can cause electrical circuit fault. Around the electrical parts, the only dry cloth should be wiped.
The concentration of the peroxyacetic acid solution used in disinfection is too high, and it has a certain corrosive effect on metal, so the concentration should not exceed 1%.
Warm tip: regardless of the method of disinfection, disinfection and sterilization are used to scrub the cupcake display cabinet, then wipe dry. Especially with alcohol and other volatile chemicals must wipe with water after disinfection, otherwise, because the cake display cabinet thermostat may produce an arc or the arc, contact work exists the risk of explosion.