The fresh cabinets that you misunderstood
- Sep 27, 2017 -

The preservation cabinet as the electrical equipment, the user is in use preservation ark, inevitable failure, this is inevitable. Except some obvious failure owing to lack of insight for storage, and preservation tank maintenance is not convenient, need home maintenance, failure will affect the operating factors such as, will allow the user to put a lot of work for storage of normal performance will also be useful for fresh tank failure, these so-called failures may be normal phenomenon, users can rest assured use. Here's the breakdown of the fresh-keeping counter that you misunderstood.
The crisper will hear a click or a click when it is started. If you don't know about the crisper, you may not feel like a household appliance. In fact, this is the normal sound of the compressor in the start-up process when the armature of the current weight start relay is absorbed or released. The compressor motor makes a slight and uniform sound during normal operation, because the environment is noisy and not easy to hear during the day, and can be clearly felt in the dead of night. So this is a normal phenomenon, not the crisper.
When the crisper is shut down and the compressor just stops working, you can hear the gurgling sound in the evaporator. Some people think this is where spills, actually this kind of sound is a refrigerant in the evaporator pipe the thrum of the normal flow, just after the compressor stop working because of the pressure difference is bigger, refrigerant flow will still be some time. For ZhiLengShi for storage, often within a certain time or stop when the compressor is running, not regular breakdown strip noise, which is caused by heat bilges cold shrink reflect release caused by voice, belongs to the normal situation, does not affect the use for storage.
The compressor is equipped with motor and compressor parts. Motor in normal work, and run the winding of the stator core temperature of 100 ~ 110 ℃, the compression piston and cylinder compression heat generated in the compression of the refrigerant, the temperature can reach 100 ℃ above, most of these warm through the compressor shell around in the air, so the compressor shell temperature can reach 85 ~ 90 ℃, is very hot. Especially in summer, when the ambient temperature is higher, this is normal. Of course, if there is too much dust on the compressor or condenser, it should be cleaned to allow for heat dissipation, and the power should be disconnected before cleaning.
Frost with a fully automated device between cold type for storage, the frost timer device mostly hold behind for storage, such as the upper, and turn the sound, of the mild click cob click or the ticking sound is completely normal.