The display cabinet USES a few years of cooling effect to get worse
- Sep 27, 2017 -

For the long-term use of the cake display cabinet, the problem that the refrigerator effect of cake display cabinet must have been encountered. The cake display cabinet just bought a few years ago, the cooling effect is very good, but gradually discover the cooling effect is poor or not refrigeration, what reason is this? There are several reasons why users can check each situation and find the relevant reasons.
The first is that it can be easily overlooked heat dissipation. The internal compressor and condenser surface of the cake display cabinet need to be cleaned regularly, usually cleaned once every 3 months to keep the heat dissipated so that the cooling effect will not be affected. If you don't clean it up for long periods of time, when you get too much dust, the cooling effect will get worse, and you'll even burn down the compressor. One is to leave heat dissipation space surrounding the cake showcase itself, not close to the wall, especially not to decorate the effect, the cake display cabinet stuffed inside a closed space, this situation is the easiest to burn down the compressor.
If the fan of the cake display cabinet is damaged, then the cooling effect is not good enough to check if the fan is running properly. If the fan is in operation, we should look at the temperature of the outlet, if the temperature is low, but the high temperature in cake display cabinet, then blocked the outlet may be because of the schedule for too much food, lead to air conditioning can't flow. If the outlet temperature is low, then it is likely to be a lack of refrigerant, which requires a professional refrigeration master to deal with, first check the leakage point and then add the refrigerant to the cake display cabinet.
Ice blocking is also an important reason for the poor cooling effect. The ice is blocked because the refrigeration system contains water, which is blocked by the expansion valve when it is frozen. After working for a period of time, the compressor has not reached the set temperature and stopped working, but it is restarted after a period of time. This situation needs to be handled by professional refrigeration master.