Refrigerating display cabinet discharge refrigerant and vacuum precautions
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Refrigerating display cabinet daily use, inevitable refrigeration failure. It is necessary to discharge refrigerant and vacuum when repairing. The following is an introduction to refrigerant display cabinet emission refrigerant and vacuum precautions:
One, refrigerating display cabinet discharge refrigerant precautions
The discharge of refrigerant is to open the refrigerating display cabinet refrigeration system to discharge refrigerant into the air. Because refrigerants present in the gas phase under daily conditions, maintenance personnel often call the process of discharging refrigerants "blow-down". The emission method depends on the refrigerant model and system failure condition.
Note: do not open the refrigeration system when the rain or humidity is large, so as to avoid the wet air or water entering the refrigeration system of the refrigerator display cabinet, resulting in an ice blocking accident.
For refrigerating display case, it must be used to open the pipe by cutting or breaking and so on, so as to avoid blasting or causing fire.
In addition, for repairing refrigerated display cabinet, the blind without commissioning and understanding of the failure of refrigerated display cabinet is deflated, not only for fault diagnosis, and may increase the amount of maintenance, and even cause new fault and hidden dangers.
Second, refrigeration display cabinet to smoke vacuum precautions
If refrigerated display cabinet cooling pipe with air, it will not only hinder the flow of refrigerant, and the moisture in the air can produce ice wall failure, so the refrigerated display cabinet must be before charging refrigerant refrigeration system into vacuum: this process is called system of pumping air into vacuum state, referred to as "time.
The refrigerating display cabinet usually adopts vacuum pump or a modified shrink. However, with the popularity of door maintenance, there are now many ways to use refrigeration display cabinets. When using a modified compressor, the suction pipe of the modified compressor shall be connected to the maintenance valve, and the exhaust pipe can be suspended.