How will the cupcake display cabinet not use brass
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Refrigerating cake display cabinet as a refrigerator display cabinet, with the perfect refrigeration system, the basic accessories of the pipe are indispensable. Although the pipeline is very ordinary, there is no compressor this kind of core component has the technical content but also is a very or the very important role. Because the quality of the copper tube not only relates to the cooling effect but also relates to the life of the cake display cabinet. For uninformed users, copper tubes can be refrigerated when buying a cake display cabinet, and copper is relatively expensive. Actually use the copper or a copper tube and Unknown word:non - copper tube, very big difference, below detailed explanation.
Normal production cake display cabinet manufacturer can choose brass as a pipeline for the refrigeration system unless the user has special needs (this is very few, but will also be told that the consequences of the use of copper tube in advance). And a few small cake show ark manufacturer to reduce cost, use aluminum tube or galvanize tube replace (compared copper tube, these two kinds of the material or a material conduit is much cheaper). So what happens to the cupcake display case using a non-copper tube? Mainly has two aspects, on the one hand, are another good conductivity, and aluminum pipe or galvanized pipe conductivity is poor, so relatively speaking, the brass more save electricity, if this does not affect the use, then the second point is about the service life of the cake display cabinet, the aluminum pipe or galvanized pipe service life is only 1, 2 years, the reason is easy to corrode. And the corrosion is easy to repair and replace, unable to repair, and the cost of repairing the plant is higher than the cost of a new cupcake display case.