How to Defrost for The Glass of Ice Cream Display Cabinet
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Ice cream display cabinets often suffer from frost. If the frost is too thick, it will affect the cooling effect of the freezer, and the power consumption will become larger and larger. If the ice cream is frosted on the glass, the easiest way is to put the ice cream on the glass. The glass is sprinkled with salt and the glass is coated with a film; what are the specific methods of defrosting the ice cream display cabinet?

GC-IDB900 Gelato Display_1 - Copy.jpg

1. First determine whether the refrigerator or freezer is frosted

Freezer frosting is normal, because there is a clear temperature difference between the opening and closing of the gelato ice cream display case. The water vapor will defrost when it is cold in the freezer of the freezer. If the frost is too thick, it will defrost. The temperature in the refrigerator is generally controlled at 3°C-5°C, and it should not be frosted.

2. Before the defrosting, cut off the power of the ice cream display cabinet and move the frozen food to the freezer storage.

3. Use an electric fan to aim at the freezing room. After the wind blows, the frost layer will slowly melt.

4. After the frost is completed, the freezer compartment must be wiped dry with a towel, and then a layer of food oil can be applied to reduce the suction force between the frost on the freezer and the wall of the cabinet to facilitate the next defrosting.