How to Choose Suitable Bakery Cake Display Cabinets for a Cake Dessert Shop?
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Today's cake dessert shop business is really good. Every morning, many people buy cakes and bread for breakfast. Now people's living standards are constantly improving. It used to be that cakes were eaten on birthdays, but now cakes The tricks have been varied, and many girls have nothing to eat in the afternoon to satisfy their stomachs. Many girls hope to open a cake shop in the future and open a cake dessert shop to buy a refrigerated bakery display cabinet.

GC-CDA900 Bakery Case-1.jpg

Cake display cabinet

The first look is certainly the appearance of the cake on the market dessert cake design is getting better and better, such as the European snow cake cabinet style European chocolate storage cabinet, Japanese-style refrigerator, curved cake display cabinet, front door freezer, Ice cream freezer, bread cabinet, vertical freezer. Like the 228 curved sandwich cabinet, the machine compartment is modern and decorated with stainless steel and mosaics. The display of good cake cabinets can not only attract people's attention, but also better show the quality of the cake and bring more customers.

The cooling method is also considered. The cake display cabinetis divided into direct cooling and air cooling. If you choose a small capacity refrigerator, you can choose direct cooling. If it is medium and large, you can consider using air cooling, because the air cooling The cooling distribution is even and the cooling effect is good.

The size of the cake refrigerating cabinet is directly related to the price of the cake freezer. The larger the size, the more expensive the price will be. Therefore, we have to choose according to the specific needs of the venue, we must not blindly greed for expensive, we must choose cost-effective , Considered from many aspects, such as fresh effect, after-sales service, etc. Grandchill Refrigeration cake display cabinet category is various, display effect is good and the preservation technology is guaranteed.