How do you choose your cupcakes
- Sep 27, 2017 -

The choice of cake ark style, want oneself storefront to need first, such as space size, store decorate a style. To conform to the store's decoration style and the public's aesthetic requirements. Cake cabinet manufacturers usually have several fixed size and classic styles, these dimensions are common, and also sell more, belong to the seller, so recommend the regular size and classic designs. On the one hand, this style is sold well, which is in line with the aesthetic of most people's merchants, and must be in line with the aesthetics of the customers who enter the store to purchase cakes. Unless the style doesn't match the style of the store, you need to be careful. On the other hand, the best-selling model is relatively low cost and more cost-effective.
For the commercial storefront, there is a lot of money, and you need to make reasonable use of space. At this time, the conventional cupcake cabinet will have a slightly insufficient use of space, which needs to be customized. For the special type of custom cake cabinet, it is simple and generous or original. It needs to be determined according to the store style, the positioning of the customer group and the personal preference of the merchants. This no absolute right and wrong, concise and easy design cake tank often recommended, will be more prudent and conservative, but for the young customer group, the appropriate personalized may have special effect. This requires a business to decide.
Cupcakes are usually also called cake display cabinets, because not only need to be refrigerated, but also to have a good display effect, so as to increase sales. So when choosing cake ark style, must conform to the principle that shows effect good, convenient use.