Cut open fruit in refrigerated display cabinet, must be cleaned before eating
- Sep 27, 2017 -

People like to cut fruits stored in a refrigerated display cabinet, to make sure the taste of the fruit fresh and cool, it is so to eat fruit, not only easy to make the fruit oxidation loss of nutrients, vitamins, and after eating easy to cause acute infections and diarrhea.
Because there is a lot of bacteria in the refrigerated display cabinet, the low temperature in the freezer can inhibit the reproduction of most bacteria, but some cold bacteria like it best. Refrigerated display cabinets store more and more food, whether it's cut fruit or water washed fruits, more easily contaminated. Perhaps think to put the fruit to wash after the store of refrigerating display ark to be able to pollute, in fact, the fruit that washes is put freezer display ark is more unreliable, fruit surface water is easter to make bacterial adsorption. In addition, the fruit salad of the fruit salad, fruit salad to cut the fruit is small, the bacterium is easy to invade. The tannic acid and vitamin content of fruit is different from varieties, and the PH value is different. Eating fruit is not conducive to nutrition absorption and digestive tract protection.
For the fruits that have been cut or the fruits that have been washed, put them in the refrigerated display cabinet, if you want to remove them again, make sure to clean them again, remove the surface and eat them again. The weak and weak of the stomach eat cold and fruit.