Cake shop bread counter display technique, bread zhongdao cabinet display method
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Cake store shelf, put bread and other food at room temperature is generally in the middle of the store location, the cake store industry general design or senior practitioners know, it has a name is island ark cabinet or bread.
Now cake shops and bakeries are almost always on the middle island. The bottom of ark can be made cabinet type or open type, belong to display product. Generally placed in the middle of the closet, used to replenish the wall cabinet's insufficient, can effectively use the space, increase the effective display area, achieve very good display effect. Generally, the central island cabinets are divided into two types: traditional wood making and popular iron making. So how to display is reasonable? This can be found in the famous cupcake chain display mode. Here are some tips on how to display bread cabinets in a common bakery.
The first, cake shop bread counter display technique, bread zhongdao cabinet display method basic
Let's sell the baked goods. Use space to display activity/promotional information. It is to make full use of the light effect to make beautification product zhongdao ark. Advanced first out, back in and out, prevent food expiration
Second, no matter what kind of cake shop or bakery, the goods on zhongdao cabinet must be covered, visually impact the guests' eyeballs and attract customers' desire for consumption. Such as cake shop, for products need to be refrigerated preservation, can reveal ark on the cake, like cake, egg tarts, and hands to tear the bread, pineapple cakes, pizza, pork floss bread these needs into the ark, island ark. Because these things are generally rich in shape, and these products are now baked and sold, put in the most eye-catching place for customers to buy more.
Third, the island bread cabinet is usually open, so there are a lot of places to take advantage of, and in itself, there is usually reserved space for small advertising information. For example, each floor board can be labeled as a fine print, with promotional information and discounts, which are cheap and easy to use, so as to attract the next purchase.
Fifth, the lamplight effect of zhongdao ark, here is to say, appropriate lamplight can increase food show the gloss of the display, let the customer have an appetite or the appetite and buy desire more when choose and buy. So it is recommended to use the lamplight of the ark of the ark in the bread cabinet.
Sixth, island ark is wooden material, and at least one island ark, each cake shop island ark inside put a wooden tray can be replaced at any time, it has a sense of security for the customer. Now everyone pays attention to food safety and quality of life, so be sure to keep the bread cabinets, island cabinets clean and neat, clear in time the bread crumbs and besmirch, health clean shopping atmosphere for the customer.
Seventh, the appearance of the island ark in the bread cabinet is very important to the cake shop or bakery. The request conforms to the decoration style, the appearance is beautiful, luxurious, air. In particular, the display of food display in the crisper is stronger. It is food, not food showcases, that stand out in the cupboard. In addition, we should choose the most popular new styles in the products. This can also increase customer turnover.