Ice Cream Showcase Freezer

Ice Cream Showcase Freezer

The Grandchill ice cream showcase freezer boasts a range of features that offer the best performance. It delivers fast refrigeration due to the powerful R404a compressor and the chamber always has a stable temperature thanks to the PU one mold foaming wall. The ice cream showcase freezer also...

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Ice Cream Showcase Freezer

Ice cream showcase freezer for any kinds of shop everywhere, it is convenient and competitive in price.

The Grandchill ice cream showcase freezer boasts a wide range of features that supply the best performance. The powerful R404a compressor delivers a fast refrigerating speed in short-time. Thanks to the PU one mold foaming wall, the chamber of Ice cream showcase freezer always keeps a stable temperature. The ice cream showcase freezer also has imported Germany EBM fans that offer just the right heat radiation. It can also defrost automatically, so there is no need to think about defrosting.


Model: TT-SP219C
Temperature: -20 - -15

Pans: 1/3*15 GN pan or 1/4*20 GN pan

Capacity: 580 L
Compressor: Aspera
Refrigerant: R404a
Voltage: 220V50HZ/110V60HZ

Power: 1516 W
Coulometer: 11 KWH/24H
Size: 1800*1130*1280 MM


Adopt high-quality imported Italy brand EMBRCO compressor, imported Germany brand EBM to ensure the low energy consumption and low noise.
2.The foam layer of inner container is made of polyurethane, which is waterproof and rust-proof;
3.Digital display and microcomputer intelligent temperature control technology, easy cooperation and easy to know the working status and the inside temperature;
4.Well-designed, faster cooling system makes it refrigerate quicker than others;
5.R404a refrigerant, CFC free
environmental friendly;

6. 1/3*15 GN pan or 1/4*20 GN pan, large capacity, many flavors of choice.
7. Power supply, voltage, and frequency can be customized as required.

8. The inner glasses with heating wires, with high standard humidity resistance.


The LED interior lighting emphasizes the beauty of your ice cream and other frozen treats. The double layer vacuum glass also ensures easy serving. You can also have humidity, size or style of the ice cream showcase freezer could be customized. Feel free to let us know any of your need.

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