Gelato Dipping Cabinet

The Grandchill gelato dipping cabinet is perfect for displaying your favorite gelato treats. The gelato dipping cabinet has a powerful R404a compressor that ensures quick and easy refrigeration. The LED interior lighting allows you to see what's inside the cabinet, so you don't have to...

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Gelato Dipping Cabinet

You can show a variety of different flavors Gelato at your shop, and our custom showcases provide consistent and beautiful display cases for your product.

The commercial ice cream display freezer from Grandchill is what you need if you are looking for something to attract your customers with. Good looking showcases attract more people and make you more profit, so you set them where they can be perfectly seen.

The LED interior lighting allows you to display the beauty of your ice cream and other frozen snacks and the double layer vacuum glass lets you access the content of the freezer without any problem, make your goods attractive. Clearly, nice colors let customers feel very attractive.


Model: TT-SP219B

Voltage: 220 V 50 HZ

Power: 1137 W

Pans: 1/3*12 GN pan or 1/4*16 GN pan

Capacity: 480 L

Temperature: -20 - -15 ℃

Compressor: Aspera

Refrigerant: R404a

Size: 1500*1130*1280 MM



1.Imported Italy brand EMBRCO compressor; imported Germany brand EBM;

2.The foam layer of inner container is made of polyurethane, which is waterproof and rust-proof;

3.Digital display and microcomputer intelligent temperature control technology, easy to know the working status and the inside temperature;

4.Well-designed, faster cooling than others;

5.R404a refrigerant, CFC free, environmental friendly;

6.Power supply, voltage, and frequency can be customized as required.


Moreover, the commercial ice cream display freezer is equipped with a PU one mold foaming wall which guarantees that the temperature inside the chamber is steady. The powerful R404a compressor also offers quick refrigeration.


The showcase equipped with EBM fans that produce low noise. The Grandchill commercial ice cream display freezer defrosts automatically as well. We can also tailor the humidity, design or size of your commercial ice cream display freezer to match your exact needs.

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