Frozen Yogurt Blender Machine

This Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Blending Machine I200 is a durable frozen yogurt blender machine that forms a custom-made and freshly mixed ice cream or yogurt for each serving. This machine is a one-button automatic frozen fruit yogurt machine that mixes hard scoop yogurt or pure scoop vanilla ice...

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Frozen Yogurt Blender Machine

Do you want to enrich the menu of your gelato shop?

Do you want to increase the profit on your products?

Do you want to make your gelato shop more attractive?

If your answer is yes, you should consider this Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Blending Machine DEM-I200.

It can mix different flavors of ice cream with plain yogurt taste gelato and other ingredients like fresh fruits, nuts, candies, etc.

The clients can choose their favorite flavors, and they will be happy and satisfied with the ice cream they ordered. Cause they can see their ice cream are made by the fresh and healthy material.


This machine is a one-button automatic frozen fruit yogurt machine that mixes hard scoop yogurt gelato with an array of nuts, fresh fruits & other ingredients. It provides nearly unlimited mixes of tastes and you could have whatever your customers want when it comes to a delightful yogurt or ice cream.


The design of this machine in particular, it will attract the clients if you place one of it on your gelato shop, and the ice cream the machine makes is novel, with these two selling points, your gelato shop would be the competitive one among your area without any doubt.


Model: DEM-I200 

Voltage: 110V / 220V
Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Ice Cream Temp.: -15°C to -18°C
Fruit Temp.: -5°C to 0°C
Size (Closed): 320x550x700mm
Size (Open): 320x650x900mm
Net Weight: 49.0 Kg
Gross Weight: 68.0 Kg
Operation Time: 10 Seconds / Serve
Warranty: 2 Years

Frozen Yogurt Blended with Strawberry .jpg Frozen Yogurt Blended with Strawberry - Fruit On the Top.jpg

Who Can Use This Frozen Yogurt Blender Machine?
This machine is highly suitable for all catering and retail outlets that want to offer a frozen yogurt or ice cream with major returns on your investment over high-profit margins. Businesses that can substantially benefit from having a good blending machine are as follows:


• Gelato outlets
• Restaurants
• Ice cream stores
• Fruit shops
• Bakeries


What Kinds of Materials Can You Blend?
You can use this machine with these fresh fruits:
• Blueberry
• Strawberry
• Mango
• Raspberry
• Boysenberry
• Blackberry
• Passionfruit

Great Fruits to Blend.jpg


We have produced this ice cream frozen yogurt blender machine since our inception in 2004 and we're the only manufacturer of it in Guangzhou, China. Because of the strength and nature of our design, we could support all over the world from our warehouse in China.

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