Blast Freezer

Blast Freezer

Are you looking for the best way of preserving your foods? We are proud to introduce blast chiller freezers for sale. Don't worry about lowering the temperature of your food because we give you the product that fits your needs. The blast chiller freezer is a great device for lowering the...

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Blast Freezer

In the modern high-class kitchen, the blast chiller freezer is a necessity. It can chill the hot food to a setting low temperature, and it can also freeze the fresh food material to a setting super low temperature, to maintain the food’s molecular structure and keep its nutrition.


There are more and more kitchens tend to use the expensive food material during their cooking, so the blast chiller freezer becomes much popular in recent years. The blast chiller freezer is widely used in the food preparation period, like bakery preparation, seafood preparation, banquet preparation, gelato preparation.


Model: GC-BC5 (Advanced Version)
Voltage: 220V50HZ | 110V60HZ
Power: 0.87 Kw
Compressor: Tecumseh, Made in France

Refrigerant: R404a

Cool Type: Ventilated
Current: 4.5A
Trays: 5
Pans: 5 X GN1/1 Or 5 X 40*60 Bakery Trays
Size: 790*728*888 MM
Packing Size: 870*805*950 MM
Net Weight: 93 KG
Gross Weight: 118 KG



Chilling capacity: 18kg food can be chilling from +90 ~ +3℃ in 90 minutes

Freezing capacity: 12kg food can be freezing from +90 ~ -18℃ in 240 minutes Cycle:

Chilling cycle for core temperature from +90 to +3 Celsius;
Freezing cycle for core temperature from +90 to -18 Celsius.


It is worry-free if you purchase our product:

2 Years Warranty and 10 Years Product Lifetime

The blast chiller freezer is designed under the standard of USA and EU by the 35-year experience refrigeration engineer. The construction is impeccable, and the condensing unit is top in configuration. It uses the best compressor and the high-quality copper pipe, it can guarantee the good performance and durable product life.

Commercial Blast Chiller Blower Fan.jpg


Rapid Freezing Cycle
The main point of the blast chiller freezer is the freezing time, the shorter time it uses, the better it can keep the food in origin taste. Please consider the time of the freezing cycle during you purchase a blast chiller freezer.

 Commercial Blast Chiller Dixell Thermostat.jpg

Strong Stainless Steel Body

The inside chamber and the 4 sides outside are used 304 stainless steel, it is food grade and resistant to rust. The foamed layer is 60mm thickness, can keep the temperature much better.

Commercial Blast Chiller Inside View with Pans.jpg

If you have expensive seafood and food material in your kitchen, please do not hesitate to contact us to purchase the blast chiller freezer. You will be satisfied with it.

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