Refrigerated Countertop Display Case

Refrigerated Countertop Display Case

Refrigerated countertop display case can swiftly reach the preset temperature in only 45 minutes. We take advantage of top quality insulation material to keep cooling the temperature difference between the preset and actual which is ± 1℃. We put the temperature sensor at the exact spot to have...

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Refrigerated Countertop Display Case

The Grandchill Refrigerated countertop display case can quickly reach the preset temperature within only 45 minutes from start the case. We use the top quality insulation material to make the cooling temperature difference between the presetting and actual which is ±1because we place the temperature sensor at the exact position to have the accurate real temperature on the LED display screen.


75% humidity inside the cooling chamber is our standard data for the refrigerated countertop display case. The best quality refrigerated countertop display case must have a large evaporator and well-built insulation to keep the precise humidity for the food, so the customer will have the best taste food that is stored in the display case.


The Grandchill refrigerated case is widely used for the display and cold storage of cakes, bread, frozen food, fruits and vegetables, cakes, fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and medicines in shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, cake room, bakeries, drinks shop, seasoning factory, coffee shop, etc. It is a must-have device for the owner who needs to sell the quality food. Here below are the parameters:



Dimension: 1200*492*678mm

Temperature: 2-8

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Capacity: 120L

Power: 0.553kw

Current: 3.1A

Compressor: Embraco (Aspera)

Refrigerant: R134a

Body material: S/S


Imported Aspera Compressor;

R134a Refrigerant;

Germany EBM blower;

Automatic Defrosting

Ventilated Cooling


We use the silver electrode when welding the copper pipes to connecting the compressor, anti-oxidation, to have a long-life sealing and no leak. We also have the top premium quality thermostats that are high precision to monitor the temperature accurately.

Finally, we are very happy to tell you that we are using double layered vacuum glass that has highly developed insulation that can avert any petite particle to draw closer, better cooling and better performance. 

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